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We ship Lamborghini, Bentley, harley-Davidson, Choppers, Mercedes, Porsche, Jaguar, Lexus, Ford, Chevy, Exotic cars, motorcycles.

Incognito Express

Providing Bike Rally Transport to:

Daytona, Sturgis, Laughlin, Laconia, Hoka Hey Challenge, Bike Week, Little Sturgis, Bikes Blues and BBQ, etc.

Incognito Express offers a cost efficient way to transport your bike to any Rally or Event in the U.S.

We provide a unique and worry free form of transportation from the comfort of your home with our door to door service. Our trailers are totally enclosed for added protection of your prize possession.

Incognito Express does an extensive inspection of every vehicle, including photos for assurance that your vehicle is received in the same pristine condition.

We provide some of the best Insurance Coverage in the Nation. Some additional information you may not know: We are a two car enclosed hauling operation which means we can provide our customers with door to door service. Our Insurance package is as follows: $500,000 in Cargo Insurance with a $0 deductible for the convenience of our customers. This means if your vehicle should ever have any damage, our customers would have $0 out of pocket expenses. We have $1,000,000 Liability Insurance. We have maintained a %100 rating from the day we opened our doors. Any further questions please feel free to call Kevin Fox @ 704-658-5844 or Missy Fox @ 254-542-7804 and we will respond shortly.

Our goal is to build a lasting positive relationship with our customers. We want you to feel confident enough in us to allow us to handle all your powersports and auto shipping needs and to refer our services to other potential customers.

Please use caution when considering what appear to be low bids from quote gathering websites. Unlike Incognito Express, most carriers on these websites are not motorcycle/powersports specific shipping companies. These websites have a habit of not verifying the required licenses and insurance coverages that are in place for the carriers who are bidding on your shipment. Your vehicle could be at risk of impoundment if an unlicensed transporter handles your shipment. There is also the risk of damage or theft occurring with an uninsured shipper. Many of these carriers are freight or auto transporters that do not have the proper licensing, insurance, equipment or training for handling motorcycle/powersports shipments. These websites usually will not assist you if you have concerns or challenges with your shipment, which is not the case with Incognito Express. Incognito Express is a licensed and insured motorcycle/powersports specific shippers. We transport thousands of motorcycles/powersports vehicles each year. We have a great deal of experience handling motorcycle/powersports shipments and we have excellent safety records to date. Beware of dealing with Brokers! A Broker is someone hired as an agent in the transportation process. A Broker will book a load from you, the costumer, then contract it out to a trucking company for a cheaper price. Incognito Express is a trucking company. We will come to your home with our name on the side of our truck and on our bill of lading. See more details on unlicensed and uninsured illegal shipping companies at:

Incognito Express is a Licensed/Bonded motor carrier transporter ( : Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) USDOT MC#551714. We are a member of the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA).

Group Rates

8 minimum
12 maximum (Depending on Size)

Hoka Hey Challenge

June 20, 2010
7000 mile run from Key West FL to Homer AK
1st place to complete this challenge will receive $500,000

Incognito Express will be providing transportation for this event to Key West FL and from Anchorage AK back to the lower 48. Estimated bikes to transport 100-200

Incognito Express understands that not everyone has the time to ride to and from events such as, Sturgis, Laughlin, Laconia, Hoka Hey Challenge Bike Week, little Sturgis, Bikes Blues and BBQ

That's where Incognito can help your dream become a reality! Incognito can transport your bike to any event. We pick your bike up from your home and transport it to whatever event you choose.

Benefits for Rally Transport

  • Less miles put on your Bike
  • Less time required off work for riding your bike to/from event
  • The comfort of having your bike picked up at your home and delivered to event
  • Discounted Group Rates for 8+ riders

So when it comes time to have your fun in the sun going to Daytona, Sturgis, Laughlin, Laconia, Hoka Hey Challenge Bike Week, Bikes Blues and BBQ, etc. Incognito Express is your best choice!

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