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We ship Lamborghini, Bentley, harley-Davidson, Choppers, Mercedes, Porsche, Jaguar, Lexus, Ford, Chevy, Exotic cars, motorcycles.

Hoka Hey Challenge

Shipping Contract
Terms and Conditions

Shipment from AK. to the U.S.

• Bike transport must be paid in full for the best rate available.

• All cancellations should be made no later than June 4, 2010 with a 90% refund.

• There is no guarantee for last minute shipping. The cost will be calculated at that time, if available.

• All Motorcycle’s must be stripped down of excess accessories . Everything should be able to fit in the saddlebags.

• Motorcycle’s must be cleaned for a thorough and proper inspection. Photos will be taken to ensure quality for both yourself and Incognito Express.

Owner of Incognito Express, Kevin Fox, will be present to oversee all aspects of the loading of every Motorcycle.

Shipment from Alaska requires different forms of transport, which includes both boats and trucks. At this time, it is difficult to calculate the time frame to determine the delivery of your motorcycle for every given location. Incognito Express guarantees that all deliveries will be made as quick as possible and in a timely fashion. No dirt roads deliveries. Please keep in mind that we will be delivering all over the U.S.

Shipment to Key West FL

• Motorcycle transportation to Key West Fl. must be booked no later than May 1, 2010 to guarantee that your bike will be delivered at the appropriate time. Incognito Express has negotiated the best rate available therefore all shipping must be paid in full at the time of booking.

• There is no guarantee for last minute shipping. The cost will be calculated at that time, if available.

• There will be a 30 day grace period for refund after the date of booking.

• After 30 days, there will not be a refund applied due to organization and coordination applied for this event.


Incognito Express is hereby not responsible for the following

• Acts of God, weather or mechanical breakdowns

• There will be no said or applied guarantee

• Due to the scheduling and coordination provided for this event, your motorcycle will need to be released in an appropriate manner to meet delivery requirements, set forth scheduling by Incognito Express which is necessary to guarantee a safe and timely manner for delivery in Key West FL

Thank you all Hoka Hey Challengers and best wishes to each and everyone!

Incognito Express supports any and all Non-Profit Organizations.


Kevin Fox
Incognito Express

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